Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do commissions?

Yes. I enjoy customizing work for a specific audience or gift! We typically start with a photographic image of your choosing. If it is not your original image, you would need to obtain written permission from the original artist/photographer before exploring. If you don't have a particular image in mind, I am happy to advise on the types of images that inspire the best paintings...or translate the best to mixed media. Feel free to send several images that most move you!

Customized photoshoots can also be discussed - can you picture your own littles in a series like Joyful??

From there we will agree on a medium, size, and price, and I can offer a general timeframe for completion. Commission requests require longer timeframes to meet holiday delivery schedules - please plan accordingly! 

Payment of half of the price of the work will be required up front. 

You do "Big Art". I get it. Do you also do "not so big" art?

So I get it...not everyone may have a wall at home just waiting for a 6 foot high image of a Blue Donkey. Many of my pieces (especially photographs) can be re-sized and re-printed in my studio to meet specific home or office requirements. Let's connect and discuss options.

May I use your images for marketing or other purposes?

I'm honored you asked, and I would be happy to discuss it with you - please contact me. Each image is copyrighted. 


Shipping costs are based on product weight and size, and include UPS charges for crating and shipping. An estimate is included upon purchase and is based on shipping within the United States. Upon obtaining actual pricing from UPS, a refund or additional invoice may be generated.

If shipping outside the continental U.S., please inquire for an estimate.