Christine is self-taught...and self-compelled. She has a lifetime of using mediums to enhance environments...from early years of painting and re-decorating her bedrooms and snapping photos (at  12!) a corporate career running a hotel management creating artful sanctuaries in anything from a backyard to a bathroom.

Creating art for others was sparked by a 2010 health scare when days seemed bleak and simplicity became beautiful. Gratitude poured out of her for life, for family, and for the future. A passion for noticing moments and telling their stories found its way into her world...and her camera and paintbrush (and wood and metal and acrylic and canvas) haven't left her since. She is at home in her studio, and when not there she is compelled to return. Well...unless her husband beckons with a ride in a 1912 Model T Speedster - or if her adult children or grandchildren are visiting. Then art can wait. 

To describe Christine's artistic style invoke words like elegant, playful, honoring, contemplative, and present. Whether acrylic on canvas, original photos on metal, or mixed media on wood...the common thread is the juxtaposition of vision, connection, and telling the subject's story in a way that honors and connects. 

This is a non-traditional artist statement - as Christine is a non-traditional artist. If you're looking for steady progression or predictable style...this isn't your artist. If you're looking to connect with someone who is constantly seeking, seeing, creating, and changing - you have found your home.

Heartbeats are precious. You will find many of mine here.

"I believe that God gave each of us a finite number of heartbeats, and we all have our own allocation with which to live our lives.
Heartbeats are precious. Unlike day-old bread or yesterdays fashions...heartbeats cannot be marked down nor purchased on sale before they are outdated.  A heartbeat occurs, and then it is gone - never to be retrieved.
In 2010 I nearly lost my heartbeats.  My sweet husband and I were not about to give up, and as I regained my health a longing emerged to express my appreciation for life creatively. With precious heartbeats replenished, a supportive family and treasured friends; I launched my business and now offer work publicly. My heart beats with joy as I follow this path.
Thank you for visiting my website - I am honored that you are investing a few of your own precious heartbeats to share mine."

- Christine Warjone